Your wonderful stay in Pisa: the hotel and places of interest
If you come to Pisa, rather than a touristic trip you’ll live an intense emotional experience, because to stay in such a place is like to take a dip in history, to experience the local gastronomy, to get immersed in the local atmosphere and culture of “a region-treasure box”, wonderful beyond compare, and Pisa is its purest jewel, that enchants with its timeless beauty and unfading charm. The time you’ll spend in Pisa will become an unforgettable experience. You’ll notice it while planning your excursions, trying to organize things in such a way that it would be possible to visit as many places as you can, making a maximum use of your time, since there’s too much to see and to do. You should definitely stop over in Certosa, at Calci. So, it will be a day spent in nature, between Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli park and a sunbath in Marina di Pisa, not without first taking a walk in the new Pisan port. After that – another trip: towards Pontedera and San Miniato. And what about Volterra? That’s the only stumbling point! Why on Earth should your journey come to an end on the 5th day if you’d rather stay here forever!! Much more time is needed to get to know well this fascinating city that is Pisa, so rich in culture and history, so full of treasures. Much more time is needed to discover and enjoy this world-famous city, to take a walk along its riversides, to get lost among the noble palaces of the fifteenth century and gothic-styled Churches, paying special attention to each decorative feature in outstanding Romanesque Pisan Style with its multi-colored marble, and to fully enjoy the amazing Cathedral Square. All these things can’t be done in such a short period of time. You should neither forget about the surroundings where you can find two principle treasures: San Miniato and Volterra, which advantageous position offers an opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view.
San Miniato is a charming medieval town, where the time goes by so slowly, that it seems to be frozen; a Slow Food town famous for its enogastronomic delicacies, the most important of which is white truffle. Volterra, for its part, is the town that gave birth to a famous poet, Persius; a town of deep caves in an infernal landscape lacerated by cliffs and caves – a unique unforgettable place. The best thing to do is to visit San Miniato in autumn (so that you could go truffle hunting), Volterra – in spring, and Pisa – at any moment of the year. This city will make you experience special emotions, and one single day will never be enough to see everything you are supposed to see: the Miracle Square with its six immaculate monuments, museums and Churches that stand out so surrealistic against a soft carpet of grass, hosting all these tourists from all over the world, that take their time to lie down and contemplate this astonishing beauty. Once in Pisa, it’s also necessary to book the tickets for visiting the Tower, and it’s better to do it beforehand. As for gastronomy, you must absolutely try bordatino – a soup made with curly kale, castagnaccio – a typical dessert from the Island of Giglio, San Rossore pecorino cheese, and also Martelli’s homemade pasta as well as cherry-based products – the last two are both from Lari. Obviously, you can’t but try white truffles in San Miniato, as well as tripe and zuppa alla Volterrana (a fresh vegetables-and-bread soup) in Buti.
Equidistant from all these wonderful towns, there’s four star Pisa Valdera Hotel, standing out like a precious bridge that connects all these marvelous places. A wonderful stay in this structure will be the icing on the cake of your unforgettable vacation. Moreover, at a walking distance from the Square of Miracles there’s Villa Tower Inn Hotel, an antique Liberty style residence that welcomes its guests with a warm historical atmosphere, charming and unique – a further confirmation of the fact that here in Pisa everything is made in such a way as to emphasize its outstanding beauty.







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