Walking for taste: from La Rotta to Forcoli, Palaia, Peccioli.
The wonderful cuisine of Valdera
The Pisan Hills area, the region of Valdera, is a multitude of small restaurants born in wonderful medieval villages, that will become the icing on the cake of your visit to these places, the cherry on top of your cultural peregrination or, why not, even the main goal of your journey. In the direct neighborhood of beautiful Pontedera and of the renowned PisaValdera Hotel, in Campagna Street 40 (La Rotta) on S. Lucia agrotouristic farm, there’s Borgo alla Collina restaurant that should be visited if for no other reason than to appreciate and admire its original and impressive décor, and first of all – to taste the Chianina meat. Moreover, if you have an opportunity to wonder around the medieval town of Palaia with its beautiful Pieve di San Martino and the Church of Saint Andrew, full of artistic delights, certainly you can make a little stop off in order to purchase some gastronomic marvels at Gianni Alimentari in Provinciale Palaiese Street; to come to this place is like going back in time and enter a shopping center of some decades ago; among numerous packages of pasta and cans of tinned food, among Tuscan cigars and tobacco, you can order a cup of coffee, a punch, a glass of local wine, and try some simple, but delicious smoked meat products, such as baked pancetta with pecorino cheese.
You can also opt for Antica Farmacia in del Popolo Street 51 – a small wine bar with a great atmosphere, partly created even by the presence of a lit-up fireplace in the center of the room. Here the combination of typical Tuscan snacks and French cheeses, fresh pasta dishes and beef for the first course, as well as pork and duck for the second course, is perfect.
You should also visit Peggio Palaia Pub because it offers a fantastic view of a wonderful valley below, as well as hot and cold top-quality dishes.
Later, if you decide to have a dinner or a supper in a traditional Tuscan farmhouse, you should opt for the Fattoria of Colleoli in Colleoli-Palaia, with a panoramic view from the top of the hill, a fireplace and good cuisine that will make you really enjoy your stay in that place.
If you get to the castle-town of Forcoli at dinner-time, Monteverdi in Querce Gobbe Street 25 will be waiting for you. This place, completely immersed into the greenery, will make you feel like remaining there all day long, and after having enjoyed the view from the panoramic terrace and having tasted homemade pappardelle, you’ll be completely convinced.
Once in Peccioli, after having admired the neo-Gothic Bellincioni Bell Tower, you should absolutely stop at “La Vecchia Carraia” in Carraia Street 1, this wine house is a brick cellar, permeated with aromas of smoked meat products, Tuscan first course dishes and wines.
The wine house is annexed to the well-known Ferretti pastry shop, where you can taste Peccioli delicacies: pecciolesi and bastoncelli. Finally, we recommend you our restaurant for a classy dinner prepared with typical local products.







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