Hotel/Restaurant for groups and meetings

Hotel/Restaurant for groups and meetings

There’s no better time to visit Pisa and surroundings with their exuberant Pisan Hills, than Easter and Spring. You’ll be able to enjoy incredible excursions that will sink into your memory forever, first of all because you’ll find yourself face to face with Nature returning to life with its fascinating colors and its inebriant flavors and fragrances. In that period Pisa and its surroundings offer their best, first of all, gastronomically, since the distinguishing feature of Valdera and Tuscany cuisine is exactly its attachment to nature and seasonality. What other season could be better for tasting products offered by this amazing land? There’s no place in Pisa surroundings that wouldn’t offer a celebration or festival where typical local dishes and agricultural or forest products can be tasted and appreciated. These festivals, originally created as an entertainment for the local population, little by little were becoming more and more attractive to foreigners and newcomers, eager to visit restaurants where they could taste the famous olive oil, the most renowned wines of the region, and after all – take a walk through a village hidden among the Hills of Pisa. In March there’s a festival of Spring flavors in Forcoli, nearby Pisa, where you can try some gastronomic delicacies as well. Moreover, every Friday of March there’s “Ponsacco a tavola” (“Ponsacco at the table”) – a gastronomic event that combines local cuisine with shows and performances of talented actors.
Also in the vicinity of Pisa, in Montecastello, on Easter Tuesday la Sagra della Schiacciata Pasquale (the Festival of a typical cake made for Easter) takes place.
Generally speaking, a lot of events and emotions here turn upon cuisine – one of the most cherished traditions, and Valdera is quite famous for its agriculture. Typical products of the region are: cereals, legumes, vegetables, olive oil and, certainly, wine produced according to traditions, dating back to ancient times when it used to be produced on family farms. And even nowadays there are family businesses in the region, started as simple farms that - as the years went by - grew into larger entities.
Any self-respecting local restaurant can’t but offer such traditional delicacies as: bread with different kinds of vegetables, legumes for different kinds of soup, toasts, famous local meat dishes, such as world famous Florentine steak, and forest products, such as wild game, mushrooms and chestnuts – products that are familiar and available to every restaurant in Pisa and surroundings.
But even when it comes to wines, Valdera plays an important role. Wine culture is so deeply-rooted here, that almost all the families in the past used to grow grapes and produce wine in flavorous cellars. In the last few years there has been a considerable improvement in the quality of wine production, the most important companies have invested a lot into their vineyards and started producing premium quality wines, capable to rival other famous Tuscan brands.
It’s no coincidence if there’s the Wine Trail of the Pisan Hills that winds through the picturesque towns and villages, where you can visit wine cellars of the local producing companies and taste local wines. Actually, the wines produced in Pisa Province are offered and awarded within the framework of a prestigious contest held in Pisa – “I pisani più schietti” – that already comes to its 16th edition.
So, if after all abovementioned you feel tempted to taste typical local dishes, such as been soup, curly kale, bordatino, chicken liver soup, pappardelle (flat pasta noodles), rigatoni with wild boar sauce, roasted rabbit, fagioli all’uccelletto, tripe, baccalà (salted dried cod), ravioli di Lari, you shouldn’t drop into the first restaurant you come across, as far as despite the fact that these lands bear great fruits, not everyone is able to take them in and dish them up to their guests in an appropriate way, choosing the best quality and origin, customizing the menu according to needs, taking care of every small detail, as Restaurant Bolero of the Hotel Pisa Valdera meticulously does. Here you can find typical products of the region, chosen accurately, coming from the immediate vicinity with no need to be exposed to any chemical treatment: fresh and authentic, produced with zero food miles.
Restaurant “Il Bolero” knows well how to prepare the traditional local dishes of Pisa, created with great care and fantasy by the Chef, combining various details in a surprising and refined way. So, for those who would like to try typical local delicacies or famous refined wines coming from local vineyards, that would become a great compliment to inimitable dishes of Bolero Restaurant, and at the same time want to enjoy living in a hotel, equidistant from the most important places of interest of the local medieval villages, so rich in history (and even from the very Florence, situated in the immediate vicinity), Pisa Valdera Hotel of the Tower Inn Hotel will be the best choice. All at once you’ll find yourself in the very heart of Tuscany, a fascinating Land, so rich in beauty, wonderful from any point of view.







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