A hotel for groups and buses in Tuscany for Pisa, Florence, Livorno, Lucca
A hotel for little groups and buses for Pisa, Florence, Livorno, Lucca
Since a couple of centuries ago and till nowadays Tuscany has been one of the most dreamed-about, imagined, described and captured by thousands of touristic groups’ lenses of all colors place, visited by thousands and thousands of people every month. Interesting is a new trend that consists in tourists’ tendency to increasingly get out of the usual patterns and try to visit these incredible places not the way the tourists regularly do, but instead of that – opting for unusual experiences, such as horse-riding, trekking, biking in the countryside of Valdera or taking a walk following the Wine and Olive oil trails of the Etruscan coasts between Pisa and Livorno provinces, in order to discover ancient enogastronomic traditions. After all, in such a spectacular place it’s not so difficult to let yourself go. This is one of the most famous places in the World – the object of dreams and desires of so many people. The important thing is to let the experiences you live change you, and they surely will. This journey will become your special experience, thanks to a lot of new impressions offered by Pisa and its surroundings – a wonderful place that will nourish your creativity and imagination. For student groups as well as for groups of friends, Pisa will become an ideal destination that offers an opportunity to discover marvelous places in this wonderful region. Tour operators have always opted for including Pisa in the itineraries for groups, so that tourists could visit the Square of Miracles and then set off towards other destinations. But the things have changed significantly and now Pisa, along with Florence, is considered the Caput Mundi of Tuscany, attracting visitors from all over the world, willing to see its Renaissance buildings made of pink brick, its medieval center, animated by plenty of local shops and restaurants, a solemn charm of its lanes and its romantic river, that divides the city in two parts. Pisa is an impressive college town, very often it’s visited by groups of students that come here to see the place that gave birth to Antonio Tabucchi. Pisa and its province is a perfect place for visitors of any age and origin, interested in culture and history, eager to get new experience, offered by this city and its surroundings – Valdera and the Pisan Hills – full of medieval towns, all different between themselves, testimonies of a rich history, created by talented architects, great historical characters and timeless gastronomic traditions. It’s just the right place (along with few other parts of Tuscany), where olive oil, wine and fine meats can be truly tasted and appreciated in their originality and fullness.
Tourist groups that come to Pisa and to its province may not have enough time to see all they want to see, since there’s so much to visit and to discover, but they will still have time to relax after this pleasant wandering about. Not only the city of Pisa will reveal its magnificence, with its Miracle Square, Baptistery, Tower, riversides, the Wall that surrounds the city – all these places will leave the tourists completely astonished.
But also small towns in its surroundings, like fascinating San Miniato, Certosa at Calci, small villages of Buti, one of the most beautiful towns especially appreciated for its antique quarter, charming Vicopisano, Volterra and Pontedera, situated in the immediate vicinity of Pisa, should be absolutely visited. After all, those who decide to undertake such a journey, willing to discover all these wonderful destinations, should have a reference point, a hotel for groups, capable to accommodate them as is right and proper, and first of all – that would have a large parking, like Pisa Valdera Hotel of Tower Inn Hotels, that constantly proves itself as a perfect hotel for groups, thanks to its enormous space for parking, able to accommodate more buses and to organize excursions to the most important points of interest in the region, thanks to its proximity to the most important places. The strong point of this structure is exactly its advantageous position – Gello service area, S.C.G., SCG FI-Pi-Li, 56025 Pontedera, PI, in the immediate vicinity of Pisa and of all the most beautiful towns of Valdera and the Pisan Hills, that can be reached in a blink of an eye.
This wonderful four-star hotel coddles tourist groups even gastronomically, since its restaurant “Bolero” offers typical Tuscan dishes, prepared using products from the nearest regions, produced with zero food miles, as well as the best Tuscan wines, carefully selected for the guests.
Pisa Valdera Hotel is a perfect option for groups of friends, students and even for tourist groups that would like to spend an unforgettable vacation, immersed in local culture, enjoying the charm, the cuisine and a unique atmosphere of this wonderful land, kissed by Heaven and cherished by Man.







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