Hidden museums and authentic itineraries

Hidden museums and authentic itineraries

Small towns of the Pisan Hills offer us typical Tuscan sceneries; paths that wind through lands rich in gastronomic treasures and in natural beauty, like few places in the world. Here the calmness of the slopes inspires you to take a walk on foot or by bike, and it’s just here that the nature of sunflower fields leaves you breathless and your mind can have a rest and recreate even if you spend some time just observing these wonderful colors and smelling these aromas. You can’t help but get inebriated with emotions while crossing small towns and villages like Cascina, easily reachable from Pontedera, where you can have a marvelous retreat at the Hotel PisaValdera; perfectly located, it will pamper you in the comfort of its rooms, suitable for all kinds of guests.
Cascina is a marvelous village, famous for its wood artisan works and for its historic center, full of beauties to see. Walking along Corso Matteotti one can reach the oratory of San Giovanni – a fourteenth-century building, decorated with fascinating frescoes of Martino di Bartolomeo. Not very far from this place there’s also the Oratory of Saint Cross, a baroque building of the eighteenth century, rich in stuccoes and ornamental patterns of the time. You should absolutely visit the splendid Santa Maria Parish Church, a Romanesque-Pisan Church that hosts inside a precious terracotta that depicts Madonna with the Child.
In Cascina, on the 3d and the 4th of July a historical re-enactment of the battle of Cascina in 1364 – a confrontation of the Pisan and Florentine armies – takes place, and includes spectacular artistic and musical events.
Even the local market of antiquities and handicraft articles is worth seeing; it takes place on the first Sunday of every month in the historic center of the town.
Making your way to the South of Cascina Valley, inebriated with the view of beautiful hills, you may visit a small town of Crespina, since 2014 fused with Lorenzana. Its countryside, a holiday resort of ancient Pisan and Livorno nobles, is full of farmhouses to visit – a place where you can taste fine traditional products. You’ll also find here beautiful ancient villas, such as “Il Poggio” of the Leoni family, or villa “Il Gelsomino” of the Tommasi. The ancient town is extremely fascinating, with its Church of San Michele that preserves the painting of Archangel San Michele of Bartolomeo Daddì, and its villa Belvedere to which a wonderful eighteenth-century Oratory, decorated by Giovanni Battista Tempesti is annexed.
Hill towns like Fauglia –  our next itinerary –  are all protagonists of the enogastronomic journey through the Wine Trail of the Pisan Hills, a path that winds through the hills, among vineyards and wineries of a great plenty of local companies. Fauglia is located on one of the lowest Hills quite near Crespina, hidden behind the forest slopes, and it’s a typical village of the Pisan countryside, that used to host a castle destroyed by the Florentines, as well as walls and defensive ditches. However, the village still preserves an ancient Church, the Church of San Lorenzo. On the road that leads to Montalto there’s a small dei Neri church, and on the main-road of Fauglia there’s Casarosa Villa, also called “Poggio dei Venti” (“Harbor of Winds’) with a winged griffin blazon of the owners, Del Corda. Another place to visit is Giorgio Kienerk Museum with its collection of works of art that the daughter of the artist donated to Fauglia.







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